July 18, 2010

On the Blogetery Shutdown

I've created this post as a way of tracking the issue.

The domain had a lot of traffic from India, Pakistan and Indonesia (also the USA and Germany). 24% of the domain's pageviews go to ace3.blogetery.com; googling that domain brings up a number of pornish links. Next is myreview.blogetery.com with 20.4% of traffic; that site doesn't seem to have pornish associations.

While I haven't thought the issue through, my immediate reaction is that servers should be seized a la Blogetery only for overriding national security reasons. Theft, predacious imagery, even murder are not sufficient reasons to shut down legitimate users without giving them access to due process.

More here and here.

Addendum 20100730. Apparently the closure is terrorism-related. I don't have time to dig up a link right now.

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