July 17, 2010

Copyright Thuggery:
An Issue Tailor Made for the Tea Party

Since the Democratic party and key elements of the Republican leadership have been bought by Big Media, there is a big constituency without a political voice--a young constituency.

(The US has shut down a host with 73,000 blogs [HT: Instapundit and Slashdot]. It's possible, of course, that the shutdown involves something much more serious than copyright violations.)

Whatever the case may be wrt Blogetery, I agree with this:
Politicians are whores and the copyright industry is a wealthy John.
Maybe the USA can buy Web surveillance technology from Iran. Maybe the USA can hire the Chinese to build a Great Firewall.

But payment in dollars may not be acceptable for too much longer.

(Btw, note the government's priorities: enforcing copyright vs. securing the borders.)

Addendum 20100708. The US has a small Pirate Party; it should make common cause with the Tea Parties and libertarians.

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