July 20, 2010

Leftists Worthy of Respect

Mickey Kaus, Christopher Hitchens, Camille Paglia, perhaps Susan Estrich.

This post is written because of the Palin thugs (or impostors) at Neo-neocon. In particular, this guy posted in good faith and was savaged for his efforts.

Gresham's Law applies to the blogosphere too.

Note to self: send Neo an email. It's her blog, but she seems reluctant to intervene. If she doesn't, the louts will drive away the people who are there for a civilized discussion.

Addendum 20070720. Never mind about the note to NNC. She's schmoozing with her commenters about how terrible the JournoList is and completely ignoring the Sherrod story.

PJM and Reynolds haven't spoken about Sherrod either. I'm guessing that Neo is waiting to see what the party line is.

It's not taking the new conservative media long to catch up with the old liberal media's way of doing things.

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