February 20, 2008

Improperly Resisting Genocide

Even the BBC sounds skeptical:
Rwanda has urged foreign governments and Interpol to ignore Spanish arrest warrants for 40 Rwandan army officers on genocide charges.
Spain's high court has accused the officers of involvement in mass killings in the early 1990s.

Spanish courts can prosecute war crimes even if the offences took place abroad.
But Rwanda's foreign ministry said the judge had never visited Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo, where some of the killings are alleged to have taken place...It adds that he has not tried to liaise with Rwanda's judicial authorities to seek the officers' arrest.
During a 100-day period in 1994, an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed, mainly ethnic Tutsis at the hands of radical Hutus.

The genocide came to an end when Tutsi-led rebels under Paul Kagame took control.

But the judge said that, after taking power, the army under Mr Kagame carried out mass killings of Hutus in Rwanda and in refugee camps in what was then neighbouring Zaire.
In 2006, French judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere issued indictments against nine close aides of Mr Kagame, sparking a huge diplomatic row.
So why--this question is not meant as commentary on that war--don't these heroic European jurists indict Russian officials for the destruction in Chechnya?

Because they know full well that such indictments would expose them to a case of Litvinenko's disease.

That's why the investigations of Putin's alleged money laundering won't come to anything, and why things like this will continue.

February 16, 2008

The GOP's Parasites Remain in Charge

Dinocrat commenter staghounds on a McCain speech:
“I will not sign a bill with earmarks in it, any earmarks in it. ”

That is a base-turning-out promise...
I agree, but here, here, here and here, with many worthwhile links, Instapundit notes that the GOP is determined to keep going in the opposite direction.

Glenn Reynolds remarks
Sometimes I think they'd rather be a porky minority than a porkless majority.
A similar thought has crossed my mind. I prefer Instapundit's phrasing, which is a tweak or two away from a mot juste--something like "Better to be a corrupt minority than an honest majority."

McCain is saddled with Bush's underperforming record and with continuing Republican parasitism. Maybe, without being explicit about his own party, he needs to make the case that Obama's messianism will yield an extrapolation of how Republicans have governed.

February 6, 2008

Ask Your Children How to Vote

Dr. Helen notes reports that children are telling their parents how to vote, usually with Obama in mind. She wonders why.

Maybe the parents attribute to childhood a pure wisdom to which soiled adults no longer have entree.

Let's amend the Constitution so no one over 35 can be elected President. Then we can all live in the paradise described in 'Lord of the Flies'.

I blame George Bush. Ever since they took Congress in 1994, the Daddy Party has governed like Hollywood's caricature of the American father. It shares responsibility for the infantilization of politics.

February 4, 2008


I've paid attention to the Patriots but don't consider myself a fan (or knowledgeable about football). In fact, I hadn't intended to follow the team this year, but the prospect of a historic perfect season pulled me in.

The season was historic, all right. Ouch.

Congratulations to the New York Giants and their fans for a well-deserved Super Bowl victory.

Afterthought. The probability that a team will have a 16-0 regular season is far lower than the--unit--probability a team will win the Super Bowl. I knew this all along. Nevertheless, I'd prefer a Super Bowl victory to a perfect season. Why?