November 29, 2011

Polarization: An Unintended Consequence of the Internet?

The Web may actually have made people more partisan because it has become easy to cherry-pick data to support a preconceived position.

November 21, 2011

Bill Clinton Speaks

1. Seems reasonable to me:

Should you raise taxes on anybody right today — rich or poor or middle class? No, because there’s no growth in the economy. Should those of us who make more money and are in better position to contribute to America’s public needs and getting this deficit under control pay a higher tax rate when the economy recovers? Yes, that’s what I think

2. Maybe we need a supercommittee of one. Let Bubba do it.

(A supercommittee of ex-Presidents? No way: Clinton is the only one who is competent.)

November 13, 2011

Is a New Kent State on the Way?

By militarized police?

Repeating an Action and Expecting a Different Result

David Brooks released a trial balloon for Jeb Bush.

Afaic only the Kennedys have done more damage than the Bushes.

The Machines Are Conspiring Against Humans

I got an email offering me a 90-day extension of my TracFone service, but couldn't find the offer online. So I tried calling and got stuck in their automated system. The I tried the site and got Could not connect to database.

This guy
saved me even though the post is almost six years old.