July 5, 2010

Comments: July 2010

On Belmont Club and the Codevilla Spectator piece: here and here (and here).

On a proposed Grand Bargain regarding the VAT. "It’s a lot easier to discuss sweeping proposals about how to tax than to tackle the spending issue."

On illegal immigration. "Rhetorical question (I hope): Why doesn’t Obama go all in and apologize for winning the Mexican-American War?" Second and third thoughts.

On Instapundit and Schlitz. See #17 or "Comment by gs".

On US authorities' closure of of a domain with 73,000 blogs. (HT: Slashdot) See also "Politicians are whores and the copyright industry is a wealthy John".

On Eleanor Clift's apologetics for the Obamic welfare state: here, here, here, and here.

On a conjecture regarding Obama's birth certificate (scroll down to 'gs said'). (See also the preceding comment by 'james'.)

Building successful coalitions is hard.

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