April 11, 2014

What, Specifically, Has Hillary Achieved?

It's funny watching the question of Hillary's greatest accomplishment asked and laughingly rejected as ridiculous at first, then having it slowly dawn on the panel that none of them has an answer.
Alas, achieving nothing gives her a leg up on the last two Presidents.

Added 20140411. The Hillary machine's responses are received with laughter. Yes, that's the Hillary machine that blew the nomination to Barack Obama.

Caution: no doubt there are Democrats who are eager to be even worse than the bad President that Hillary would be.

I repeat:
A Hillary Presidency would be the Tantrum Boomers’ last chance to exact revenge for their inadequacy to the Great Generation. (Maybe those Americans who are zealous to tear down the country are driven, in part, by the knowledge that they lack what it took to build it.)

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