April 29, 2014


I comment:
GayPatriot reports:
Republican Leadership: “If you elect us, we’re not going to repeal Obamacare but we will pass Amnesty”
I’ve said it repeatedly: A nation that refuses to protect its borders does not deserve to survive, and won’t. Sooner or later its luck, like the dodo’s, will run out.

A government that refuses to protect its borders is not a legitimate government. A government that undermines its own laws is not a legitimate government. A government that sabotages the general welfare on behalf of kleptocratic elites is not a legitimate government.
The paragraph about the dodo is something I've repeatedly posted before; the final paragraph presents the implications.

Also this:
If the GOP puts up Jeb Bush, I will turn in a blank, write-in, or third-party Presidential ballot even if the D’s nominate Trotsky.
Come to think of it:
None of the major GOP factions (e.g. the kleptocrats, the religious kooks, and the chickenhawks) appeals directly to the welfare of the overall middle classes. Those factions have agendas that many voters disagree with.

The danger in something like a Warren candidacy is that the Stupid Party, thinking the outcome is assured, will choose a ticket that will make Betty look like the lesser evil. Such an attitude is already evident in the GOP Establishment’s lust to pass amnesty.
Here's a thought: why not only vote for a political party when it makes my interests a priority? I've had it with affirming the lesser evil.

No way do I support the Democrats, but it's crossing my mind that they lie less than the post-Reagan Republicans do.

Afterthought: In the GOP's "minority outreach", why don't they tell Latino voters that illegal immigration threatens their jobs and depresses their pay? Because they don't want their middle-class Anglo dupes to know. No, Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public, family values don't stop at the Rio Grande: the illegals may take your job, but they oppose abortion hallelujah!

NB: America should not be a closed shop whose labor costs make us globally uncompetitive. Not only do I support immigration, but it may well be indispensable. However, regarding the tradeoffs, I have not seen discussions that I consider intellectually honest.

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