April 8, 2014

The Confederate Flag

I agree with this commenter:
1. What’s all the fuss about? Just a few patriots expressing their support for individual liberty and states’ rights.

2. Besides, people fought bravely for the Confederacy. We’re just commemorating their courage.

3. I mean, people fought bravely for the Third Reich too. You wouldn’t criticize people parading around with swas…okay, nevermind.

4. In case it needs stating, the above points are sarcasm. I have never been thrilled about the Confederate flag, but my mind became fully made up when someone pointed out that slavery was hardwired into the Confederate constitution.

5. This is not to deny the valor, though misguided or perverted, of many who fought for the Confederacy. If a way can be found to acknowledge that valor without a linkage to slavery, that would be okay with me.

6. The heroism of the Thermopylae 300 is honored, notwithstanding that Sparta was a slave state. Maybe someday the Confederate flag will be decoupled from its association with slavery, but not in the foreseeable future.
In fact, if the GOP is serious about outreach to minorities---a big if---it would be sensible to develop an alternative to the Confederate flag for those who wish to honor Confederate valor. Ideal would be if Southern Republicans developed such a symbol from the grassroots.

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