March 8, 2010

Is What Obama Is Precluding More Important Than What He's Screwing Up?

America has been about growth, change and progress. For example: The Louisiana Purchase. Emancipation. The Homestead Act. Women's suffrage. Jazz. Tom Edison. The telephone. Nuclear energy. Civil rights. The Salk vaccine. The Moon landing. The PC. The Internet. Mobile phones. Consumer GPS.

What transformations are not happening because of Obama's screw-ups?

On the other hand, unlikely though it seems, if he rights the ship and something big happens on his watch--something like a breakthrough in robotics that makes domestic manufacturing cost-effective--, he could still go out in triumph like Clinton did during the Internet Bubble.

For some time I've been meaning to express the foregoing. Since neo-neocon's post finally got me off the dime, I'll submit it there as a comment.

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