March 20, 2010

Obamacare and Me

Here is how this conservative-tilting libertarian stopped working against the bill.

I made a list of Congresspeople to call. After calling a couple, I checked in at The Corner to find Kathryn Lopez chatting about co-hosting a broadcast with Rick Santorum...and Tom DeLay himself called in! Afaic Santorum is a synonym for stupid; DeLay, for corrupt. I was not pleased.

Then she tried to fire me up with this video.

My palm smacked my forehead. They think we've forgotten how crazy and corrupt and dumb and incompetent they are. They think they have the rubes marching to their tune again.

I made no more calls.

I hope the bill is defeated. If it passes as seems likely, I'll go on from there. I'm picking my battles. Stoicism is a virtue that merits revival.

And K-Lo, about reinstating my subscription? Fuhgedaboudit.

You betcha.

I'll place the foregoing at Little Green Footballs.

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