March 27, 2010

Is This How the Underclass Feels?

I hate my stockbroker.

I need low commissions and I don't have much money to pay for data.

My online broker has low commissions and offers free data.

The trouble is that the executions are poor and so are data access and quality. I am livid. When I log on, I have little confidence that the connection will hold; when I put in an order, I have little confidence that it will be filled expeditiously; but I have high confidence that my blood pressure will surge.

Other people feel the same way. The broker is routinely berated on discussion sites, including the broker's own.

For the time being, I can't afford better. If the broker went out of business, I'd be in real trouble.

In effect, I'm demanding that a level of service which I can't afford be provided to me for free.

My anger is irrational. Pointless. Silly. But there it is.

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