August 17, 2009

That Rootin'-Tootin' American Frontier Spirit

From red-state Texas, of all places:
CORPUS CHRISTI — Police can arrest people who don't leave town under mandatory evacuation orders under a new state law that goes into effect in the heart of Texas' hurricane season.
A little more here.

Your home is your castle unless the State decides otherwise.

I don't read Glenn Reynolds much since he changed from being a commentator to being an aggregator, but I chanced on this:
The real problem is that we’ve got the worst political class in American history.
I'm not sure that's hyperbole[1]. And what they're doing to the country in the name of "God" or "social justice" might get them written into history as traitors.

Not that the self-righteous corrupt pharisaical scum care as long as they get their way.
[1] After further consideration, I think it is hyperbole...somewhat.

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