August 29, 2009

Assisted Suicide

I have been livid about the arrests in Georgia. Then I happened to read the story more closely and learn that the witnesses hold the subject's hands for "emotional support":
Mr. Humphry said the network’s protocols were deliberately written to avoid illegality. “The person does everything themselves,” he said. “They don the hood. They tie it around their neck. They reach forward. They turn on the gas.”

Guides often hold a dying person’s hands, he said, but for support, not restraint. [Boldface mine--gs]
I know they mean well, but that is a really really foolish action: unbelievably foolish in this era of aggressive hypocritical theocrats. Why don't they put a hand on the head or shoulder?

Addendum. Now them good ole GBI boys done bagged themselves a pastor. If the religious right concluded that the police are out of control--unlikely, IMO--, something might get done about it.

Btw, I recently watched the Dirty Harry movies again. They reminded me how scared people were during the 70s as criminals were running amok. The solution itself has become a problem.

See this too.

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