August 4, 2009

More Brit Dhimmitude

LGF commenter zombie notes:
Meanwhile, while you're all being distracted, civilization continues to disintegrate: Three policewomen spend full day dressed in Muslim burkhas in controversial 'In Your Shoes' exercise
And just ten years ago this was shaping up as another American Century... (Yes, we're talking about the UK but we're often not far behind them on this kind of thing.)

1. This kind of thing does not come out of the blue. Where are the ideas coming from? Who gave the order? Cui bono? Why was no effort made to identify them, let alone hold them accountable? Sloppy journalism. Ineffectual opposition.

2. A modest proposal. To really understand Islamic culture, the policewomen should personally experience the mindset of the Muslim males who put women into these costumes. A field trip to Saudi, perhaps?

3. Another modest proposal.
Sergeant Leonard said the experience had given her a greater appreciation of how Muslim women feel when they walk out in public in ‘clothing appropriate to their beliefs’.
Well, Sgt, while you're on that field trip being temporarily adopted into a Saudi family, stroll around in clothing appropriate to your personal beliefs and see what happens.

4. A police spokesman speaks.
‘This exercise is just one of many activities South Yorkshire Police have planned with communities and ethnic minority leaders to secure strong relationships, celebrate diversity and encourage integration, working towards a safer, closer society,’ she added.
I'd like to believe that but I don't. My difficulty is that these oh-so-subtle ploys by the host culture are indistinguishable from gutless rationalizations by spineless elites.

Unless it's the host culture that is supposed to do the integrating.

5. Announcement by the Home Secretary. Effective immediately, in the interests of diversity, social cohesion and multicultural integration, members of the Islamic faith will be referred to as 'The Faithful'. Usage of the term 'Muslim' is left to the discretion of The Faithful. Usage by any others will be considered hate speech. /

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