May 31, 2009

Abortion "Protestors"

After the murder of George Tiller, an LGF commenter remembers:
They decided to go after me after I began volunteering as a NOW clinic escort in my home town of Pensacola, a town in which abortion clinics have been firebombed nearly a dozen times, and in which two doctors and one clinic escort have been murdered by two different people - Michael Griffin and the Methodist preacher Paul Hill. I just happened to drive by one day and saw women being beaten with wooden protest placards as they tried to enter or leave the clinics, so I began helping them in and out, shielding them with my body, and taking the blows intended for them on my own head and shoulders. The vicious and abusive protesters were bussed to the clinic on a weekly basis from a Southern Baptist and an Assembly of God church.

First, they illegally accessed my college transcripts, to help them build a profile to help them phone harrass me more effectively. I received sometimes hundreds of calls a day, for weeks on end, from many different phone booths by many different people, condemning and threatening me. When that didn't work, they began surveilling my home, trailing me wherever I went, and then they sabotaged my car. Finally, they strangled my family cat to death and hung it from a tree in my backyard by a noose around its neck, and safety pinned a note to its belly reading YOU'RE NEXT, BABY KILLER! But I never stopped helping those women.

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