October 26, 2008

Pit Bull Mike Huckabee with Lipstick?

USA Today reports:
WASHINGTON — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin calls herself a fiscal conservative who wants to "rein in government spending." She says she "reformed the abuses of earmarks in our state." Republican John McCain said during the last debate that his running mate has "cut the size of government."

But Palin didn't cut the size of government as mayor of Wasilla, and she hasn't done so as Alaska's governor, city and state budget records show. Spending in fast-growing Wasilla increased by 55% during her tenure from 1996-2002, records show. In nearly two years as governor, she has presided over a 31% spending hike by a state government that sought earmarks from Washington even as it reaped billions from higher oil prices and Palin-backed tax increases on oil companies.

Bill McAllister, a governor's office spokesman in Alaska, said the state lived through painful budget cuts in the 1990s when low oil prices restricted revenue. "There's an element of catch-up here," he said.
The rate of spending growth in Wasilla is up to twice as high as the rate of population growth.

Why didn't the Democrats cite facts like this instead of making vicious personal attacks against Palin? Maybe some Democratic constituencies perceive such facts as positives. Maybe Camille Paglia perceives them instinctively.
Paglia's Palin piece includes:
I remember how John F. Kennedy (the first politician I ever campaigned for) electrified young people and transformed our political reality, which was about to emerge from the long, grey slog of the Cold War.
Bay of Pigs. Cuban Missile Crisis. Vietnam. Czechoslovakia. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. That's a lot of emerging...

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