October 23, 2008

Fashion Plate Palin on Illegal Immigration

The Corner and View from the Right point out that she's for it. Another compassionate conservative. John Derbyshire, correctly, doesn't take excuses.

A child of destitute non-English-speaking refugees, I am strongly pro-immigration, but I am even more strongly for the rule of law[1]. A nation that pursues things like the War on Drugs but refuses to enforce its borders...well, I'll just say the USA's prospects looked bleak in the 1970s but that time we experienced a renaissance...

Enough is enough. I will do nothing to help the McCain-Palin ticket win this election. "McCain-Palin. We'll Wreck the Country Slower." is not a slogan to make me tap my precarious financial resources.

Note to McCain: Duke Cunningham was a war hero too.

Afaic this is now beside the point, but what in heaven is McCain thinking?
[1] Strongly as I am for the rule of law, I am just as strongly against a metastasized legal code choked with crimes which are little more than malfeasances of which an influential pressure group disapproves.


Addendum. Strongly though I am for closing the borders to intruders, I recognize that most of the people who are here illegally were de facto invited. A realistic decent policy should take this into account, but I'm not ready to talk about it until the borders are secure. Using the current illegals as an excuse to keep the borders open is outrageous hypocrisy in defense of the government's criminal behavior on behalf of special interests and against the American public.

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