October 2, 2008

Ptoi! on Compassionate Conservatism

Great evil is upon us, wails the religious right[1].

They brought it on themselves. Compassionate conservatism is a gateway drug to socialism.
[1] The Anchoress:
...this election has been co-opted by something dark that has too many tentacles, and too many mindless ant-workers, in too many places.
Too many tentacles? Got it:
Obama == Cthulhu
Something dark with too many mindless ant-workers? Got it:
Michelle == Shub-Niggurath
<serious>The Anchoress would never stoop to race-baiting</serious>, but here's a helpful suggestion to those who would: replace or complement the Cthulhu Mythos with voodoo and the mindless ant-workers with zombies.

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