April 3, 2013

Mark Sanford Wins GOP Congressional Primary

National Review:
What was really smart about Sanford’s strategy was that he was able to turn it into a referendum on whether people had the capacity to forgive — the God of second chances — and whether people are capable of giving him another chance, and capable of Christian forgiveness. And that is an excellent strategy for him, and there was nobody in the race who successfully countered it to focus on his term on governor.
None of his opponents pointed out that Sanford got on a high horse about Christian forgiveness while being engaged to the woman he dumped his wife and four children for.

Will this make a difference wrt the women's vote in the general election? Sanford has a presentable female opponent.

(And if he wins, he'll be a political piñata. It's almost a no-lose situation for the Democrats.)

You go, Stupid Party!

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