August 8, 2010

Comments: August 2010

On the trustworthiness of the GOP establishment.

The democratic process has been deliberately trivialized.

On German criticism of Gates/Buffett philanthropy.

On regulatory response to the flash crash.

On the Clemens indictment.

On parasitism, California, and Massachusetts.

On gender inconsistency of reported promiscuity (additional comments follow in the the thread).

On Dr. Sanity, post-Challenger NASA, and the post-2006 GOP: here and here.

On a VAT Pledge.

On Joe Miller.

Is Obama a technocrat?

Hurray for the green economy!

To the GOP re the Ground Zero Mosque: Zip your lip. Just. Shut. Up.

More on Obama's birth certificate.

On the NYC Islamic center, and disguising cowardice as tolerance.

On gay marriage and the Walker ruling: here and here.

On On Bullshit.

On the Right's Heavenly Cities: here and here. Lead-in: here.

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