August 2, 2010

The Breitbart Reward

Submitted as a comment on this:
Frank must be exceptionally well-paid as a Timesman, because there’s $100,000 on the table to verify this claim.

I clicked on the link in the '$100,000' original text. It brought me to another Driscoll column in which, in turn, clicking on '$100,000' brought me to a Breitbart column offering $10K.

Whether the reward in question is $10K or $100K, has Breitbart made a legally binding offer? Is the money in an escrow account? Who decides if it should be paid? Where are the ground rules written down? How are they enforceable?

Note that Driscoll is a PJM editor.
Ann Althouse rubs me the wrong way, but I have never doubted that there is a brain in her head. She was astute in staying away from PJM.

To give due credit, PJM (presumably Driscoll) printed the comment here.

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