October 13, 2009

Islamist Plot to Blow Up the Universe

Annie Jacobsen is on top of the "story".

Right after posting this entry, I will submit the following comment:
"The LHC is not a nuclear facility. There’s nothing there that can help you obtain nuclear material, enrich nuclear fuel, build a fission or fusion device of ANY kind, detonate or deliver it. Take a big deep breath and start reporting responsibly." That much of Matthew #3's comment I can agree with.

You write, "The results, the scientists hope, will create mini black holes and allow scientists to further explore theories about what happened after the Big Bang created the universe 14 billion years ago. Throw terrorists into that mix and a lot could go wrong."

What you write about something I know a little about is flagrantly wrong. Why, then, should I rely on your judgment about things I know nothing about?

It's not a good idea to cry wolf when the threat is real.
It'll be interesting to see what happens. Not every PJM writer rejects dissenting comments, but some do.

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