October 6, 2009

Climate, Again

Climate Research News discusses Richard Kerr's Science article What Happened to Global Warming? Scientists Say Just Wait a Bit.
Kerr continues: “So contrarian bloggers are right: There’s been no increase in greenhouse warming lately. That result came as no surprise to Knight and his colleagues or, for that matter, to most climate scientists.”

Say what!? Can someone point me to a prediction of a decade of non-warming before the temperature ’stagnation’ occurred?
Surprisingly, even the BBC has taken notice. (Here, too.)

So has Little Green Footballs commenter Thoughtful (more here):
The article goes on to state, "Researchers may differ about exactly what's behind recent natural climate variability, but they agree that no sort of natural variability can hold off greenhouse warming much longer. "Our prediction is that if past is prologue, the solar component will turn around and lead to rapid warming in the next 5 years," says Rind."
I haven't paid to read the article, but that quote sounds like a falsifiable prediction by a senior, highly credentialed climate scientist. Good for Rind.

Say what you will about the people pushing AGW: they--one of them, anyway--have put their chips in the pot.

Falsifiable predictions from skeptics and deniers would be welcome.

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