March 11, 2014

_____ _____ & Rand Paul & Ted Cruz

Paul and Cruz are running for President. (Paul won the CPAC straw poll for the second year in a row.)

First-term senators with politically extremist parentage and no executive experience...sounds good to me. What could go wrong?

Added 20140311: Which leaves, I suppose, Scott Walker and Rick Perry.

Perry is qualified, but...somehow meh. His apparent strong alliance to the Religious Right puts me off, and, as somebody wrote, No New Texans. Walker me in mind of a sales manager at a used-car dealership, or of Reggie in old Archie comic books. The concocted Bridgegate "scandal" does not change my reserve toward Christie, who always struck me as a lout: more to the point, as a lout who has reached his maximum level of competence. (Instapundit's online straw poll did not even include Jeb "Two Losers But Third Time's the Charm" Bush.)

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