February 13, 2014

Is Amazon Stock A Table-Pounding Short?

Down over 10% from the high...price/earnings of 600 (internet bubble territory...owner distracted by a space company, the Washingtn Post, and who knows what else...

Bargains are a lot harder to find than they were a couple of years ago...free shipping harder to get than it once was (higher minimum and the "Add-On Items")...looks like they're trying to reduce unit size and increase per/unit price in groceries...prices have drifted up so my supermarket is often competitive again...

If I were speculating in the market nowadays, I'd definitely take a flyer on a short or a put.

Added 20140214: The foregoing is not, of course, a personal opinion; it is not investment advice.

Added 20140314: Now, lawsuits:
Amazon claims that a $79 annual membership for Amazon Prime provides free two-day shipping on "millions" of items, but for some products, the company is accused of encouraging sellers to inflate shipping prices, according to two recent lawsuits.
If my Prime membership expired today, I wouldn't renew. It remains to be seen whether Amazon will can do something to change my mind.

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