November 14, 2013

Obama's Insurance Turnabout

I'm seeing claims that insurance companies can't adjust their business plans fast enough to correct the situation, even though they're being allowed to.

It's not what goes wrong that concerns politicians, it's who gets blamed. It's entirely possible that the Democrats are already gaming how to blame Republicans and insurance companies for next October's rate hikes, thereby using the debacle to gain votes. It's less likely that the Republicans are on to the possiblity.

Addendum 20131115. I had a little more to say here:
Howard Dean, yes, Howard Dean, was saying he isn’t sure the President has legal authority to allow the cancellations to be revoked.

Iirc, in his swing vote upholding Obamacare, John Roberts said it was not the job of SCOTUS to rectify bad legislation, only to rule on constitutionality. That statement should be put to the test.

Obama’s action should be litigated.
Litigated with a fast track to SCOTUS urged because this might be the most urgent situtation since Bush vs. Gore. And, importantly, litigated while remedial legislation is being pursued and publicized to the extent possible

Addendum 20131116.. This post was in good contemporaneous company: see Via Meadia and compare Politico.

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