January 22, 2013

Gun Control and Abortion...Huh?

In response to gun grabbers' emotional appeal wrt Sandy Hook and other school shootings, some "conservatives" mention the "babies" supposedly killed by abortions.

This brings up, yet again, what such people's real motives are.

Would they accept a gun ban in exchange for a ban on abortions?

Addenda 20130130: Will Real Conservatives™ persuade themselves that the Second Amendment prohibits abortion, and call for judges who "follow the Constitution"? tI seems too ludicrous to post, but a time or few I'd have looked prophetic had I posted things that seemed ludicrous.

If an amendment banning abortion and gay marriage magically appeared in the constitution, it wouldn't take a week for the "conservative" kook squad to fabricate another "moral crisis" unacceptable to most of the country.

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