June 30, 2012

Happenstance or Enemy Action?

On the heels of the Obamacare decision, Legal Insurrection commenter 'janitor' reports:
Incredibly, to cap off the horrid news yesterday — and this has never happened before, and it happened TWICE — prospective customers (complete strangers) asked me what political party I am affiliated with because they weren’t going to do business with a Republican! The first was nasty, said that she has to know because Republicans are “crazy lunatics”.
He is joined by 'tazz':
Interesting – family member had same exact thing happen… Foolishness from the left….
My take:
I wonder if they thought of this behavior on their own, or if someone put them up to it. If the latter, who and how?
If the behavior is foolishness, it is a pernicious kind.

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