May 25, 2012

Chiming In... Kimberlin.

I threw this together as an expression of solidarity and will clean it up later. I'll start with the person whom perhaps I respect most in the blogosphere, Radley Balko. Also: The Blaze. Memeorandum. Legal Insurrection. Instapundit.

Little Green Footballs. Just kidding! Your search - kimberlin - did not match any documents. Hey, look over there. A racist! Added later: Now there are some hits. Charles Johnson identifies Kimberlim as a "pile-on target" and claims, without providing evidence, that he (CJ) is being lumped in with Kimberlin.

Addendum 20120609. Such tactics are nor restricted to the Left. In fact, afaik the radical Left has not killed one of their targets.

A plague on both their houses.

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