March 25, 2012

Smart Diplomacy and Reset Buttons

According to Instapundit, Canada and Australia are decoupling from the US and making contingency plans for our collapse. Reynolds:
No organization can survive corruption and ineptitude at the top forever. And we’ve had the worse political class in American history for a while now, though its rottenness has really accelerated lately.
If the collapse happens, they deserve to be hunted down and brought to trial. Hunted down from wherever they flee using, if necessary, what remains of our armed forces.

I'm not surprised:
Last year I remarked:
Will the world's financial traffic reroute around America the way the Internet routes around censorship? My guess is that we're not at that point yet, but if it happens it will happen faster than people expect.
Perhaps the global economy too, at some point? Not that we are imminently becoming a backwater--but if it happens, it could happen faster than people expect: for example, our global competitors might sign trade agreements with partners we spurn out of protectionism.
Dismayed, yes. Surprised, no.

Addendum 20120404 (HT: Instapundit): The USA is blocking Canada's entrance to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Why? Who benefits?

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