December 25, 2010

On Leaving a Comment at a Blog

With apologies to Bill S:

When to this session of a blogger's thought
I wished to add my comment first and fast,
I could not form the bon mot that I sought.
You snooze you lose, and so the moment passed.
To tell the truth, my comment seems too lame.
If not ignored, can it survive the tolls
Exacted by those quick to blame and flame,
By moby's, and by narcissistic trolls?
I'm worrying whether strangers love or hate it!?
If they don't like it, so what? Laissez faire.
Why wonder how my offhand thoughts are rated?
Add hyperlink. Reread once more. I'm there.
Less than I hoped, more than I feared: my wit
Is what it is. I smile, and click 'Submit'.

(To be submitted at neoneocon's place.)

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