October 2, 2010

Comments: October 2010

On one's political conversion.

On American stagnation: here and here.

On Mark Steyn's return: here and here.

On Valerie Jarrett.

On Joe Miller and reform campaigns.

On a mob mentality by some on the Right. See this too.

On the Reid-Angle debate.

On the Clinton Presidency and divided government.

On America's shortage of scientists.

On unready shovel-ready projects and the feminist lobby.

On a proposed boycott of illegal drugs.

On paying the national debt by leasing parts of the country, e.g. California, to e.g. China or Mexico. (Would the US be better off if Mexico ran California? At least the Mexican government wouldn't let the natural resources go unexploited.)

On leadership.

On midterm black turnout: here and here.

What Obama means by 'fixing education'.

On Arianna Huffington's recent pronouncements. Here too.

On a resignation from the American Physical Society: here and here.

On renaming Rhode Island, the smugness of progressives, and judicial overreaching.

On statist doubletalk.

On Leon Klinghoffer, the afterlife, and composer John Adams.

On politically mixed marriages, and arrogance therein: here, here, here, and here.

On Bush's rehabilitation via Obama's incompetence (with a digression on the McDonnell-Coons race): here, here, here, and here.

On a civil servant's disrespect for the law, and on the race card played against Lou Dobbs.

On use of the race card against Sharron Angle: here and here.

On a set of bumper stickers.

On the Blio EULA. (Scroll down to 'gs on October 1, 2010
at 10:38 pm').

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