September 4, 2010

Comments: September 2010

On the ambiguous gender of a spambot.

On the Russian invocation of intellectual property as a pretext to suppress political dissent. On Microsoft's response (waiving their IP claims in the relevant case).

sigh More reasons why Congressional budgets cannot circumvent potential Presidential vetos: here and here.

On the murder of West Pointer Erik Scott by Las Vegas police: here, here and here.

On the Obamas' dining on lobster: here, here, and here. Come to think of it, the Obamas got off to a good start with Michelle's vegetable garden and beehives. Power corrupts.

On a difference between November 1994 and November 2010: the Internet. (Scroll down to 'gs on 4 September 2010'.)

On Paul Krugman and the proper deference due to the so-called best and brightest: here and here.

On David Brooks.

On the difference between the two major parties.

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