June 23, 2010

Intellectual Property

From boingboing: Canadian Heritage Minister smears DMCA opponents as "radical extremists". My reaction:

Re James Moore: the "radical extremists" are neither radical nor extreme.

Re Antinous / Moderator • #5: Biden's "piracy" is not piracy, and his "theft" is not theft. Btw, "intellectual property" is not property. And an "Internet driver's license" is not a driver's license.
Although in principle intellectual property can be a legitimate constructive social contract, in practice a corrupt political class is seizing more and more of the public domain on behalf of rent-seeking cartels.

Roll back copyright periods to five--ten at the outside--years. Then and only then talk to me about enforcement. And structure policy so that smaller entrepreneurial content creators, who presently are caught in the middle, can get more than crumbs.

The foregoing will be submitted to the linked boingboing piece as a comment. (Addendum: It's here.)

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