April 5, 2010

Comments: April 2010

On the intentional disfigurement of language by the PC. In particular, note this quote from Theodore Dalrymple.

On the proposition that the franchise be restricted to taxpayers.

Georgia DA Fred Bright's decision not to prosecute Ben Roethlisberger. “We do not prosecute morals,” Bright said, “We prosecute crimes.”

"intellectual property".

On LSU's grade-inflation kerfluffle, and the principals. I wonder if the dean was settling a score.

On Clausewitz's relevance to politics.

Wrt John Paulson's bet against the housing market, on a foolish convention in financial reporting about burst market bubbles.

Concluding, here and here, that Haley Barbour is a racist bigot.

On Obama and the VAT.

On potential Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan: pro, then con My point is that an anti-military Justice should be especially unthinkable when we have troops fighting abroad as part of a novel kind of war. (And I'm no fan of expanded government authority.)

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