April 18, 2009

The Religious Right

I finally had occasion to jot down my impression.

The religious kook right favored big government as a means to impose their agenda on the country. They thought that small-government voters and centrists would have no choice but to vote Republican. They deliberately allied with the Abramoffs in the GOP and blew off the limited-government wing. They counted on a permanent Republican majority in which they would pull the strings.

After the complete collapse of their strategery, their reaction isn't pretty. They don't acknowledge that they were wrong or mistaken and need to change. No, they believe God is testing the righteous, i.e. them, while He prepares to smite the nation for its sins, i.e. for throwing them out of power.

The refusal to learn or adjust is the worst part of the situation.

Afterthought. Call the GOP's controlling coalition an alliance between the influence peddlers and moral dirigistes aka culture warriors.

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