February 8, 2009

The New Kid Has Trouble Getting His Bearings

Dinocrat writes: President Obama has no executive experience. It would be an indication that he is learning on the job if he starts cutting back on his hyperbolic rhetoric. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long four years.

I agree completely, just as I agreed with George Will a few months ago:
It is arguable that, because of his inexperience, Obama is not ready for the presidency. It is arguable that McCain, because of his boiling moralism and bottomless reservoir of certitudes, is not suited to the presidency. Unreadiness can be corrected, although perhaps at great cost, by experience. Can a dismaying temperament be fixed?
No guarantees.

With fingers crossed, I remember that Bill Clinton got off to a very rocky start and wound up with a successful Presidency (one that would have been extremely successful if not for his personal flaws).

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