January 12, 2009

Tax the Internet and Save the Planet!

The logical but (as-yet) unspoken corollary to this.

Addendum. Times commenter Don L of Hartford, CT anticipated the above post, using words identical to my title.

Addendum 20090114. US News reports that both Google and Alex Wissner-Gross, the author "quoted" by the UK Times, dispute the report. Network World:
Wissner-Gross said he did discuss Google with the newspaper in broad generalizations, in that Google uses energy, and that the generation of that energy would cause CO2 to be released.

However, Wissner-Gross said one of The Sunday Times writers seemed eager to confirm the seven-gram figure and link it to Google. The researcher said he did not do so. Wissner-Gross said he saw a draft of the story before publication and suggested some changes, but those edits were not made.

Efforts to reach the writers at The Sunday Times were unsuccessful.
How shocking to learn that a major newspaper might be slanting the news according to a predetermined agenda...

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